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Hello Kangaroo Island

When developing new technology such as new websites or an application, the first draft usually starts with a greeting: “Hello World!” This greeting let’s you know as a developer that the tool you created can communicate with the world. Since Technology Coach is based on Kangaroo Island, we thought we would create a “Hello Kangaroo Island” blog post to introduce ourselves.

Technology Coach is on a mission to coach the skilled community on Kangaroo Island to achieve sustainable growth by harnessing the power of technology and the internet. You will find us extremely different to any tech company you’ve seen before. We don’t believe technology should be expensive or feel confusing. We want to make sure you can achieve your goals without spending a lot. This blog will be a source of education and money-saving ideas. We will share with you creative ways to grow your business or brand.

We will always be transparent with you, our customer. This means we will let you behind the scenes to see and understand the work we do and how we do it. This website, for example, is a work in progress. As we add features to it, we will share our story along the way so you can learn with us.

We don’t always use fancy paid themes and plugins, so we can show you how to make beautiful work on a budget!

The next project we’re working on is adding e-Commerce to my website. Watch this space!

Follow our blog or social media pages to see what’s going on. Feel free to reach out to us as always if you need any help!

Hello Kangaroo Island!