It's not just you! Google has been down lately!

Picture of Google status page with several services down
Picture of Google status page with several services down

Did you have trouble with your google email, calendar invitations, Google Groups, Google Chat, or Google Meet on the 25th of September? Turns out you weren’t alone. Google has experienced a series of outages lately, the latest being on the 25th of September. 

I want to give you a way to check on this for yourself next time it happens (Since it appears it may happen again?). If you’re having trouble with Google services that you use, go to their status page, which is at this URL:

Once you go there, take a look at the service you’re using and review the status by clicking the status circle as shown in the video below. 

For several services, status pages are common. If you are wondering if a software you use has a status page like this, go to Google and enter the name of the service followed by “status page”. For example “Facebook status page”.

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