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Ad Design for KI Community Directory - Now Available!

Our primary focus at Technology Coach is to coach the skilled community on Kangaroo Island to achieve sustainable growth by harnessing the power of technology and the internet. As part of that work, we create beautiful designs for our customers and their online presence. When we were asked by the Kangaroo Island Business and Brand Alliance to provide advertising design support to the community, we quickly agreed! While graphic design isn’t our main activity, it is a skill that we love to use! We’ll help you create a beautiful advertisement for the KI Community Directory that will help your brand stand out for years to come (literally! The directory is printed for 2 years at a time so it will be important to get your advertisement right).

We offer low pricing to suit your budget and premium graphic design to suit your brand. Give us a call or stop by if you don’t see what you’re looking for. Note that the directory prints on yellow paper as shown here, therefore all designs must be submitted in greyscale. We are happy to print a copy for you on yellow paper to ensure you are happy with how your design will look. If you want to take a look at our pricing for each size advertisement, go take a look at our shop page below.