KI Women in Business Big Day In – What did we learn?


The KI Women in Business Big Day In was a great day for our team. We learned quite a lot about ourselves and other women in business on Kangaroo Island, shared in stories about our challenges, and had lots of fun too. Here at TC, we like to reflect on our investments to see what we got out of them. With things like the Big Day In, we need to make sure we get something positive out of the ticket price and the time we invest in it. In this case, we’ve had several conversations and taken notes about what we’re going to apply to help us succeed. We’ve shared our two favourite takeaways from the day here.

We have a lot in common

Until yesterday, we hadn’t gotten many chances to get to know people on KI. As we all listened to (or interrupted) Carolyn telling us about time management hacks, we could sense how much we had in common as a group. We faced relatively similar challenges and had similar worries. We love that what Carolyn was telling us felt like stuff we should already know, but often forget to do as we earn our busy badges. You can give us a shout if you need help with any of the tech tips or tricks Carolyn mentioned!

Applying a Gender Lens to our Work

We’re doing an end-of-year analysis of our existing client base to help us revise our marketing personas for the next year. Based on Moira’s discussion about applying a gender lens to “everything”, we decided to have a think about this concept. As a company that is 100% women-owned and operated, we have taken for granted that we might still need to apply the gender lens to our work. So, with that reminder, we applied a gender lens to our (first for TC) annual customer review. What we found was not surprising, but it was interesting and can help us plan better for next year.

Women on Kangaroo Island are leading the way when it comes to investing in tech for their business.

We took a look at our client list with a gender lens and we found that 80% of our clients are women. We applied a revenue lens to our analysis too and we found that 90% of our revenue has been driven to our business by women. These numbers hold true even when the key decision maker is a man. What this indicates for us is that women on Kangaroo Island are leading the way when it comes to investing in tech for their business.

If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation

Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir

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