Frequently Asked Questions

Good Question! No matter what technology needs you have, we should be your first stop. As an individual, we can help you with your laptop, the software you use, the websites you visit, or any questions you have with how technology works. We can fix your tech hands-on and we can train you on how to be more self-sufficient. 


In addition to individual support, we do everything technical a modern business needs. We believe that the business that thrives into the future must become a "technology business." We will work with you on your technology as well as how that impacts business operations to ensure that you continue to be successful into the future and continue to grow and flourish. Specifically, we can help you with website design, website and application development, digital and physical marketing, business strategy, branding, social media marketing, and much more. If it doesn't seem like it's a technology problem, reach out anyway. It's likely we can connect you to the right person or people to help solve your issues. We are problem solvers!

When you work with Technology Coach, our goal is to ensure we are managing the technical bits so that you can focus on what you do best. We are very well suited to reviewing your needs and helping come up with strategies and plans to help you thrive. Depending on your preferences, we can handle 100% of the work and just let you enjoy the benefits or we can help you learn how to maintain things yourself. It is our goal that you leave our office feeling more confident that you have all the information you need to be successful with technology and the internet. 

Depending on your needs and complexity of requirements, timeframes will vary (From same day to weeks away). We accommodate your deadlines, your schedules, and your requirements. We can make it happen for you. 

In order to speed up the delivery of your website, it helps us if you have ready: 

  • The name of the website you want to create
  • The domain name (such as "", but not such a famous one!)
  • A logo file and a favicon (the small one that shows up on the tab of the website while you are visiting it)
  • The list of pages you want on your website
  • Content (text and pictures) that you want on each page
  • Design/style guidance, such as websites you already like, your brand colours and fonts, or any other advice about how you want your website to "feel"

If you don't have these things yet, don't worry! We can help you get them ready and still get your website up and running. Reach out to us with your requirements and we will be able to support your needs. 

We offer set rates for small websites starting from $400. Our hourly rates are currently $100. This rate was last updated 30th June, 2021.

For other enquiries and prices, book an appointment with us or email us at

Due to high demand for our advice and support, we often get many phone calls, emails, and questions throughout the day. While we are more than happy to share general advice and information for free, we won't necessarily be able to accommodate your schedule or answer questions about your specific needs. If you have a tech question or need answers straightaway, we recommend that you book an appointment with us. That way, we dedicate time to ensure we are focused on you and supporting your needs and your timeline.


We are always available on demand to answer questions about your account with us, your services, status, or to book an appointment for you. Reach out to us however is convenient for you and we can help you with your enquiry.