Company background

Technology Coach Mission

Our mission is to coach the skilled community on Kangaroo Island to achieve sustainable growth by harnessing the power of technology and the internet.

What we do

On Kangaroo Island, we work with local businesses to support them with the following services:

  • Websites
  • Social media management
  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic design
  • General technical and software support

Our Values

  • :scales: Integrity – We are consistently open, transparent, honest, ethical, and genuine.
  • :circus_tent: Community-First – We value people in our community and put the well-being of the community above profit.
  • :busts_in_silhouette: Being and Belonging – Each person is and feels free to be their whole selves and feels they belong in the team. Each team member offers what they can and are valued as whole people.
  • :star_struck: Delight our Clients – We deliver work outcomes that meet our clients’ needs.
  • :partying_face: Fun – We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Laughing at work is encouraged
  • :exploding_head: Innovation – Welcome new ideas. Be open to critique and change.

:face_with_monocle: Role Specifics

The Home Office Experience Owner will help us ensure clients will be delighted when they visit our home office. The person in this role should align with Technology Coach values and our mission. While this job will start as mostly office experience-related tasks, we welcome any person from any background to join us in delivering our work if they have the passion and ability to do so. This role is potentially great entry point for the right person who wants to spend time learning technology as well as making an excellent customer experience.

A Day in the Life of the Home Office Experience Owner

A day in the life of our Home Office Experience Owner will include everything we need to make our team (including you!) and our clients feel comfortable coming into our home office.

You’ll arrive to work at our home office at around 9:30AM Monday-Friday. There will be some things you do every day and others that are different. It’s important that we start the day with a comfortable home office, so that’ll be your first project of the day. The rest of the day will be just keeping your fresh start going for the whole day. The hours are flexible so once the office is ready for the day, you can either have the rest of your day back or stay and continue helping if there’s more to do. We aren’t hiring “just a cleaner”; We hope we are hiring a team member who will own the presentation of our home office, understanding our standards and be an important part of our every day team. In return, there are huge growth opportunities.

We don’t lock people into roles based on experience. As our values say, we are happy to accept everyone as a whole person. Let’s talk about what else you’d like to do with your time and to support our mission.

Activities (that we thought of, you can add your own) include:

  • :sunrise: Help open our shop to clients by by tidying the entrance inside and out, opening curtains, powering on equipment, putting up signs and setting up hand sanitiser station.
  • :tropical_drink: Prepare, present, and clean up after light refreshments (water, coffee, tea, biscuits, etc) as needed for clients and team (including yourself!)
  • :wastebasket: Keep the whole home office clean and tidy so the team and clients feel comfortable. (includes cleaning of front office/lounge, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom)
  • :fire: In colder weather months, manage the fire, fireplace, wood, kindling, etc. Keep our clients warm and toasty!
  • :sunny: In hotter weather months, manage the fans/windows/doors/air conditioner to keep clients cooled off and comfortable.
  • :deciduous_tree: We are a dog-friendly office, and have outdoor space for dogs to chill while we work. You would do just enough light yard work and cleanup that clients and team can use and enjoy outdoor areas without doggie surprises (:poop:)
  • :night_with_stars: Close the home office by taking down signs, tidying up, and bringing in outdoor materials.

Skills you have now

  • The most important requirement of this job is that you feel you align with our mission and values. If we are not aligned there, it will be hard to work as a team.
  • It’s important that you know how to clean and tidy effectively without much direction. We are hiring for this role because we are pretty time-poor, so we won’t be able to spend time teaching someone how to do that part of the role.
  • You can’t be afraid of dogs, we have a dog-friendly office.
  • You feel confident owning outcomes, not just doing tasks. After a few days working together, you should be confident to do what is needed without much direction.

Optional Skills (or skills you will pick up working with us)

If desired, you can learn from us about technology and the internet. While working with us, it’s likely you will pick up some of these skills just by virtue of being on the team. If you have them now and want to use them on our team, we are happy to discuss expanding the role to include these areas. Because we are on Kangaroo Island, we recognise that wearing multiple hats at once and having a variety of skills is highly desired. As such, we are flexible in our requirements for this position.

  • We are ALWAYS looking for people with skills in technology and the internet; if you have these, let us know.
  • Social media savvy
  • Copy writing or editing skills
  • Digital graphic design skills

🙂 More about our employees

  • Our leadership team includes Ikora and Danielle. Read more about us here: https://www.technology.coach/about/
  • Our 12 year old daughter works with us as a casual shop assistant, but will likely work during the hours you aren’t working since she’s busy attending school during business hours.

:sparkling_heart: More about our benefits

At Technology Coach, we can offer a few benefits even though we are small

  • Free access to snacks (tea, coffee, biscuits, chips, etc)
  • Lunch occasionally served if you are working over lunch time
  • Dog-friendly office, bring your dog(s) to work
  • Kid-friendly office, bring your kid to work
  • Being and belonging – We will see you as a whole person and treat you equitably.
  • Unlimited career growth – No matter your experience, you can learn and support our team however suits you.

All these benefits can be negotiated depending on circumstances.