Keep It Going

Once you have your online presence set up and running, it’s important to keep it going so that your customers continue to find you online. Technology Coach will help you keep your online presence up and running. We offer services like:

  • Web Hosting
    • Web Hosting is simply keeping a computer running which has your website on it. Just like your computer at home can open documents, the web host computer can open your website when customers want to see it. Web Hosting is what keeps your website available to people on the internet.
  • Website Maintenance and Updates
    • We can maintain and run updates on your website. When running a website, things change frequently and it’s important to keep your website safe and secure,
  • Technical Support
    • To give yourself peace of mind, you can pre-pay for time from a Technology Coach expert at a discounted rate. We can help you with any updates you need to help you keep it all going for you.

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