Sell Things

If you are looking to sell things online, Technolgoy Coach has you covered. We can help you set up your eCommerce website, no matter the size: simple or complex. If you sell in person, we can help you save time and money by organising online appointment booking, online ordering, or even delivery.

No matter where you sell things, we can help. We will help you run more efficiently by setting up the right connections between your online services, your customers, and your physical space. We offer services such as:

  • Creation of online store/eCommerce website with all the categories, tags, sorting set up
  • Creation of advanced online store/eCommerce with several product variations and attributes, integration with other systems, , inventory tracking, etc
  • Point of Sale setup
  • Online ordering for pickup or delivery
  • Simple Online appointment booking for one person with one calendar.
  • Complex Online appointment booking for multiple staff, multiple calendars, or integrations with external calendars
  • Hotel or Airbnb bookings
  • Trip Advisor bookings

And more!

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