Domain Name (Such as “yourbusiness.com”)

$75.00 including GST

We can help you pick just the right domain name (or names) for your website to make sure customers can find you and your brand is protected.

What’s in a (domain) name? While they are easy to purchase, selecting just the right name for your website and then managing the domain can be difficult. We can help you pick just the right domain name (or names) for your website to make sure customers can find you and your brand is protected. We also manage your domain records for 1 year.

What does a Domain Name purchase include?

When Technology Coach purchases the domain for your website, we will:

  • Talk to you about the requirements of your website. Is it an addition to your business or the main focus of your business? Will you want to sell online or is it a landing page for your brick and mortar store? There are many more questions, but this is a start.
  • Provide you with a variety of options on top level domains and site names based on your requirements. At this time, we will explain the pricing of the different domain options. As the domain will be owned by you, you will be responsible for the cost of the domain or domains purchased. Costs can vary from $0/year up to thousands/year. (Most of the time, they are around $15/year)
  • Provide you with our recommendations on what would help you and your customers achieve your outcomes
  • Purchase the domain name for you and manage the records for you for 1 year. (Managing records means that if you need to set up email, connect a website to the name, change the location of the website, etc, we will do that for you)
  • When your renewal date is approaching we will remind you.
  • Domains will be renewed after 1 year unless you would like us to cancel them.

What else might I need?

A website name is just the beginning. To get up and running with a website, you’ll need to add web hosting and at least one web page.

Important Information

When Technology Coach manages your website name, you own the name. We are facilitating the purchase of the name, managing the records associated with that name, and providing billing and renewal details with the domain registrar. You will always have access to the name and can remove Technology Coach access at any time. Because of our values, we will never hold your website name hostage for non-payment, nor will we try to keep you from accessing the name. We will advise that you allow us to manage the records to ensure changes are set up properly, but you always retain ownership of the name itself.

The price of the name can vary and you will be responsible for the renewals. We will always advise you before adding anything to your bill.

If you are a glutton for punishment, here’s a long explanation of what domains and names are. 


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