e-Commerce Setup (Sell online)

$250.00 including GST

An e-Commerce site from Technology Coach gives you everything you need to start selling products and services online today.

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Do you  want to start selling things online? To do this, you’ll need an e-Commerce site, which is simply a place to sell products online. There are several different tools, services, and products to help you sell products online and it can be hard to choose the right approach for your business. We can help you select the right option and set it up for you so that you can start selling your products or services online today!

What does e-Commerce Setup include?

When you purchase this service, we will:

  • Talk to you to understand your selling requirements, to understand how you will use the store, and how your customers will use your store.
  • Set up your online store by adding it to an existing website or creating a new online store for you.

What else might you need?

Unless you already have a domain name for your online store, you’ll need to purchase a domain name as well to help make your online store look professional. If you think you might need help with entering all your inventory into your online store, you think you may want to improve your store soon or have any other additional needs, you might want to pre-pay for support with Technology Coach.


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