Growth Bundle

$1,099.00 including GST

The Growth Package offered by Technology Coach is all the bells and whistles website. We will be able to take your business to the next level by offering contactless shopping or appointment booking, plus so much more.

Growth Bundle offered by Technology Coach includes everything you need to enable sustainable growth for you and your business.

Growth Bundle Includes:

  1. Domain Name– Technology Coach can help you pick just the right domain name (or names) for your website to make sure customers can find you and your brand is protected.
  2. 5 Web PagesTechnology Coach will create 5 engaging webpages with your content, images and layouts of your choice.
  3. 1 Year Web of HostingTechnology Coach Web Hosting gives you peace of mind knowing your website will be kept running, secure, and updated.
  4. SSL Certificate Help your users feel secure on your website by adding an SSL Certificate to your website. Technology Coach will install and manage your SSL.
  5. 2 Hours of Tech SupportHourly support from Technology Coach includes coaching, training, data entry, content edits, tech support, and more.
  6. Stock Images- Technology Coach includes access to stock images to help create flow and beauty to your site.
  7. Social Links- Add all your social media links to your site. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Technology Coach will create links for all your social media platforms.
  8. Choose one of these additional features to your website:
    • SEO– Technology Coach can help with SEO (search engine optimisation) for your website so that your customers can find you on Google or Bing.
    • Online appointment calendarTechnology Coach can save time with online bookings and reminders saving you time.
    • E-Commerce Shop– An e-Commerce site from Technology Coach gives you everything you need to start selling products and services online today.

*If you’re not sure which feature is for you, contact us and we can help you figure out which feature will help your business grow.

Important Information:

Technology Coach will work with the text content you provide. If you need help with your wording and content, hourly support is available to help with the perfect words to explain your business.

Technology Coach offers stock images to help create flow and beauty on your website. You can provide us with the unique images you have captured or sourced yourself. Technology Coach can create Custom Graphics  or Logo Design for your business if you need.



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