Hourly Support from Technology Coach

$75.00 including GST

Hourly support from Technology Coach includes coaching, training, data entry, content edits, tech support, and more.

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No matter where you are in your technology journey, you may need some help now and then to keep it going. In keeping with our transparent pricing, we publish our hourly support rates. We do this so you can predict costs and plan accordingly. Hourly support from Technology Coach is one hour of time to use as needed for any of the following:

  • Coaching
  • Communicating with vendors and suppliers on your behalf
  • Advice on how to use technical tools
  • Computer or software support
  • Content or functionality changes to websites or social media pages
  • Graphic design services
  • Data entry
  • More!

If you are purchasing any new technology services from us, you will likely need additional support or time going forward as your business continues to grow and shift.

What’s included in Hourly Support?

  • Any service offered by Technology Coach can be quoted hourly if you have custom requirements or needs.
  • Hourly support is generally used for coaching, communicating with vendors and suppliers on your behalf, advice on how to use technical tools, computer or software support, content or functionality changes to websites or social media pages, graphic design services, data entry, and more.
  • Once you pay for an hour of time, you have a year to use the time with Technology Coach.
  • If you buy hourly support along with other Technology Coach services, you will get one hour in addition to any time already included in the service.
  • We will use and bill time on 15-minute increments to ensure you get full use of the support time you purchase.

Contact us for Technology Coach retainer services or in-house technical support

Important Information

When purchasing time in advance or as part of a project with Technology Coach, the following conditions apply:

  • Hours are billed in 15 minute increments. (For example, If work takes 12 minutes, you will be invoiced for .25 hours. If work takes 50 minutes, you will be invoiced for 1 hour.)
  • Hourly rates quoted on the website can be negotiated on a per-project basis and can differ from what is displayed here based on your needs and requirements. When you work with Technology Coach, the quote you receive will outline the exact terms for your project.
  • Technology Coach team members all use an automated tool to track any time spent on your projects; detailed timesheets are available on request.
  • If you request us to meet at your location, travel time will be included in the time charged. Our office is in Kingscote, so travel time will be based on to and from Kingscote.
  • Email, phone, text, and in-person support is included in hourly rates (unless as part of another purchased service)
  • Time estimates provided before work begins are estimates only. Exact time taken and billed varies, but as always, you will know before you will be charged for extra time.


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