Monthly Web Hosting

$20.00 including GST

Technology Coach Web Hosting gives you peace of mind knowing your website will be kept running, secure, and updated without commitments.

One of the first things you need when building a website is somewhere to “host” your website. Web hosting involves a host computer which stores all your website files so they are available for users to view when they visit your site. (Just like my web host is storing this file that you’re reading right now!) Technology Coach will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your website is kept up and running at all times. When you pay monthly, there is no commitment. Cancel anytime.

What’s included in monthly web hosting?

This service includes the following for one calendar month:

  • Hosting for a small website
  • Technical support for website faults or issues
  • Plugin, theme, or sitebuilder updates (this is the backend, not the content)

What else might you need?

This service does not include content or functionality updates to your website. If you anticipate needing changes to content and functionality of your website over the year, you’ll want to pre-pay for some extra support time so you ensure your website continues to work for you. If you’d like to save some money by getting 2 months free, sign up for annual hosting instead.

If you want to read a lot more about this subject, take a look at this wikipedia article.

Important Information

When you purchase monthly web hosting, you can rest assured that your website will be up and running. We will handle the backend of your website and keep your plugins updated (if you purchased a Technology Coach website). This hosting service is for a 5 or 10 page website (without online store, online ordering, etc). If you plan to significantly add to your website, or anticipate a big increase in traffic, call us first to ensure your hosting plan and pricing still match your needs.

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    Annual Web Hosting

    $200.00 including GST Add to cart

    Our Annual Web Hosting gives you peace of mind knowing your website will be kept running, secure, and up to date. Plus, 2 months free!