Online Appointments Setup

$250.00 including GST

Are you thinking about setting online appointments to sell your services, but not sure where to start? Before you jump in, keep in mind that setting up your own appointment booking tools can be a hassle and lead to even more headaches if it’s not set up in a clear way from the start. If you are struggling to find the right tool or can’t find the time, we can help you set up online appointment booking so you can stop worrying and focus on selling things (or services!)

We will work together to understand your needs so we can create something that works for you and for your customers. You will save time with online bookings and reminders by eliminating manual work and will save you money by helping your customers keep their appointments.  We can even help you increase your bookings by offering online booking across multiple platforms.

What’s included in this service?

Online appointment booking includes:

  • Requirements gathering to understand your needs
  • Selection of appropriate online appointment booking service or tool
  • Setup of selected tool
  • Setup of sample data to allow you to maintain your appointment tool easily
  • Training on how to use the tools selected for your needs
  • Administration access to online appointment booking service

Terms and Conditions

We currently support online booking on the following platforms. If you do not see your preferred platform listed, reach out to us. We will likely be able to support you.

This service includes 1 hour of data entry so you can get started right away knowing you are setting it up correctly. If your required data entry exceeds this hour, you can choose to extend your service with extra time. This is ideal if you are busy delivering your business and want to know that your online appointments booking will just work for you.

We include initial setup of this service only. Further changes or technical support are not included.

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