SEO (Search Engine Optimisation to help you get found on Google)

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Technology Coach can help with SEO (search engine optimisation) for your website so that your customers can find you on Google or Bing.

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Once you have your website up and running, how will customers find you online? If you are hoping that a website will help you increase your number of customers, you’ll need to do just a bit more to make sure you’re targeting the right people and the right people are finding you. While there are many factors that ultimately decide whether your customers find you, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a critical first step.

The purpose of SEO is to help search engines (like Google) understand the content on your page to help determine when you might be a good match for what your customers are looking for. When we optimise your page for search engines, we will help you rank higher on Google or Bing, which will quickly help your customers find you.

What does SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Include?

When you purchase SEO, we will:

  • Talk to you to understand your target customers.
  • Review your existing website or content.
  • For up to 5 web pages, we will provide you with optimised content to help you reach your customers.
  • If you have purchased web pages from us as well, the web pages will be updated and ranked on Google or Bing.

SEO is a huge topic and can be difficult to understand and achieve by yourself. Don’t struggle. Hire Technology Coach to optimise your website to get found today.


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