SSL Certificate Renewal (Make your website secure)

$25.00 including GST

Help keep your users feeling secure on your website by renewing your SSL Certificate to your website. Technology Coach will install and manage your SSL.

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SSL certificate renewal (Make your website secure) ensures your site has the secure “lock” icon when people browse to it. Without this service, customers would be told not to browse to your site as it is potentially unsafe. It also includes redirect from http://www.technology.coach to https://technology.coach to ensure every customer gets a secure experience. This is important for businesses who will eventually take customers payment details online.

What does SSL Certificate Service Renewal include?

This service includes:

  • Installation of a security certificate on your website
  • Redirection of http requests to https (if there are any links that request “http”, we will redirect them to a secured version of your website)
  • 1 year of SSL support for the installed certificate if no change in hosting or domain.

Do I really need this?

Visitors to your website want to know that their personal details are secure. Sometimes you’ll see a message like this one in your browser when you visit certain websites. The message is there to tell you that the website you are visiting it not using a secure connection. This means the website does not have an SSL Certificate installed or perhaps set up incorrectly.

Not Secure Symbol

Not Secure SSL

If you are intending to take payments from users now or in the future, it is important to install a security certificate on your website. On the other hand, if you just want your users to see the “Connection is secure” message on your website and avoid the scary “Your connection is not secure” message, you may want to add this certificate to your list.

lock icon SSL certificate

Secure SSL Certificate

Read more about security certificates and what they mean here: Google Chrome Help.