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Web Hosting
Growth Plan


  • Dedicated Server

    The files that make up your website will be stored on a server all by themselves. No other client’s website will be hosted on the same computer as yours. Most hosting services offer shared servers, which means you have to share the computer with others. Having your own server helps make sure your website runs smoothly by avoiding any contention for resources (memory, space, bandwidth) with other websites.

  • WordPress Page Builder

    The most popular website builder setup for you and ready to create any website you can imagine. We will set up your WordPress site with a default theme, colours, etc.

  • Access to Make Changes

    Administrative login to your website if required to allow you to make content updates yourself.

  • Transparent Server Specifications

    Your website will be hosted on a standard server with the following specifications:
    512MB of RAM
    1 CPU
    20GB SSD
    512GB of traffic.
    (These numbers can be adjusted based on your requirements)

  • Global Hosting

    We can host in all regions. To help your website load faster for your users, it's a great idea to host your site closer to where they are. If you know where your users will come from, we will choose the best region to serve your users.

  • Local Support (Kangaroo Island)

    Technology Coach headquarters are on Kangaroo Island. We are in your time zone. We are available in person if needed. If your website experiences a technical issue, you can contact us during our business hours and we will resolve most issues within 5 business days.

  • Automated Website Backups

    We will automatically back up your website every night. We will keep the last 7 days of backups for you. This is great if you make changes frequently. You get a big “Undo” button to let you go back to a previous version of your website (within the last 7 days). At your request, we can make one-off backups of your site to keep for a longer period.

  • Automated and Monitored Updates

    We will update the back end of your website for you. Updates are critical to ensure your website continues to work as your customers get updates to their browsers and requirements change. It also keeps your website easy to maintain, secure for you and your users, and running properly. While running updates usually goes smoothly, sometimes issues may arise that could cause your website to break or go offline. We monitor the updates to ensure they complete successfully and correct any issues that arise fro the updates. Note: This includes only the WordPress page builder and any plugins we have installed for you. It does not include making content (text/image/layout) changes on your website.

  • SSL Security Certificate

    This allows users to view your website with the secure “lock” icon and removes any warnings that the website is not secure. This is essential if you are going to be accepting payments on your website or collecting users’ details.

  • Priority Tech Support

    If you are experiencing a technical issue with your website, you can contact us anytime during business hours and we will resolve most issues within 3 business days.

  • VIP Tech Support

    If you are experiencing a technical issue with your website, you can contact us anytime during business hours and we will resolve most issues within 1 business day.

  • Double Server Memory

    If you need your server to perform better for you because of high traffic, complex functionality, or are just growing out of our standard server, you will get 1GB of RAM for your website.

  • Double Traffic Allowance

    Our standard servers allow for 512GB of traffic per month. You will get 1TB of traffic; twice the standard size. this is great if you have a high traffic website or are doing things like hosting media streaming on your site, for example.

  • Double Storage Space

    You will get 40GB of storage space on your server's solid state drive. This will be important if you are hosting large files or a large amount of content on your website.